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Welcome to 123Movies, your one-stop platform for streaming movies, series, and TV shows for free. At 123Movies, we boast offering excellent ways to satisfy people craving for TV shows, the latest series, and movies. This means that if you are here, you’ve definitely landed in the right place. At 123Movies, we comprehend that the world has transformed, and more people are looking for ways to minimize boredom. For that reason, we are focused on offering premium entertainment package through online streaming. Usually, there are hundreds and thousands of movies and series to be streamed online. Therefore, the need to having a platform that offers exemplary online streaming services. 

Who we are

We are one of the best and popular TV, movie, and series streaming websites across the US, UK, France, China, Korea, and international. Just try searching for the popular free movies websites on your search engine, and you will definitely come across our 123Movies on the list. The reason for our popularity is that we offer a couple of free movies, series, and TV shows. We don’t even request our visitors to sign up. 

What we offer

At 123Movies, we comprehend that many people like watching free stuff. For that reason, we boast offering a collection of genres, including actions, fantasy, musical, animation, horror, and romance, all for free. Some popular TV shows, movies, and series you will find in our system include;

Popular TV shows:

Popular movies:

Popular series: 

These are some options we offer for free. If you want to learn more about these or any other movie, series, or TV, you can do so by simply searching in our search section box. 

Why consider our platform

One of the main reasons to consider using our platform is that we have various genres of films. Some include action films, animation, sports, music, history, horror, comedy movies, crime, adventure, news, documentary, thriller, etc. Wherever you are, you can access all these either via a mobile phone or computer. You only need to connect your device with a reliable internet connection. 

Another reason to consider using our platform is that we are highly rated and favorable as a safe platform. We have tools that eradicate any malware that may put our visitors at bay. Is our platform legal? Perhaps you might ask. Basically, we are much legal because we don’t host movies, TV shows, or series, what we only do is linking them. However, some legal experts think it is an offense to watch or download content without the owner’s permission. To be realistic, both the platform and the visitors are obliged for this sin. 

At 123Movies, we boast offering access to countless movies, series, and TV shows for free. So if you are looking for a free online streaming website, then 123Movies will definitely offer the best experience. We also have a paid option that requires you to subscribe to the most popular TV shows. Apart from that, we don’t have hidden charges. 

Our platform is easy to use. When you visit our website, you will not even sign up. You will be directed to our search section, where you can access content for free. We have also categorized our content according to the year released and, of course, in alphabetical order. To give our visitors the best experience, we consider updating our site and content to offer countless new films with high demand. 

At 123Movies, we offer HD movies, series, and TV shows. We understand that watching low-quality content can actually be boring. To your convenience, everything in our platform is high-quality. 

At 123Movies, we offer two major benefits to the online streaming playback experience. One benefit is the utilization of adopted codes and HTTP, which maintain compatibility with several mobile devices. The other benefit is the utilization of the adaptive bitrate online video streaming mechanism, which helps keep our visitors with amazing playback experience. 

How our platform works

Our platform has been progressing well, and individuals have been accessing their favorable movies, series, and TV shows for free. When you click on our website link, you will find a search section, where you will write the title of the TV show, series, or movie to watch online. From there, you will be redirected to other sources. The good thing with accessing our website is that you are not requested to provide personal information. The worst thing about accessing our website is that it is illegal to use these sites in some countries. Why? Because sharing contents without the consent of the owner is believed to be unlawful. 

How to access our website safely

We are glad to provide you with a more secure way to watch everything you want for free despite facing blocking issues. The secret here is ensuring your online surfing is private. One of the great ways to remain anonymous while accessing our website is considering using a VPN. If you consider using a VPN, it will help to protect you from malicious sites and hackers. Some of the reliable VPNs to help you camouflage your online tasks are; NordVPN, Surfshark, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and IPVanish.

Final thought

At 123Movies, we have everything to keep you entertained and secure. Our site should be your everyday platform when looking forward to streaming movies, series, and TV shows online. we have diversified our collections and therefore there is always something for everyone. May it be series, single movies, popular TV shows, documentaries, or animations, we are a one-stop platform for your entertainment needs.